Club Championships 2018 - Entry Now Open
Entry is now open for the LCC Club Championships 2018. The Club Championships is an annual event which runs every year for all LCC members to compete for the prestigious Men's and Ladies' Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles perpetual trophies. Additional events coincide so players of all levels can have great games with the chance of taking home a prize. The tournament this year will run from the 27th August to the 8th September. No games will be played on Sunday 2nd September to accommodate those playing senior league. All finals will be on Saturday 8th September followed by our annual club dinner. The evening is always a big favourite as we get to enjoy the prize-giving, nice food and lots of fun which usually continues on into the small hours.
How To Enter
You can enter online via tournament software by clicking here. For those who don't have an account on tournament software, its very easy to register. Just create an account by clicking here. The cost of entering is €10 for one event or €15 for 2 events or more. This is superb value with the maximum anyone has to pay being €15. We would encourage people to enter as many events as possible to avail of this great offer. Payment can be made before your first game or by just putting an envelope behind the bar. The closing date for entry is Wednesday 22nd September.
The Events
The following events will be run this year:
  • Men's and Ladies Championship Singles
  • Men's and Ladies Championship Doubles
  • Championship Mixed Doubles
  • Men's and Ladies Handicap Singles
  • Men's and Ladies Handicap Doubles
  • Handicap Mixed Doubles
  • Men's Over 50 Singles
The format for all events is the best of 3 sets. If you are having trouble finding a partner for doubles, you can still enter selecting partner required and we will do our best to find you a partner. Again, we encourage all members to enter as many events as possible.
How The Handicap Events Work
The handicap events are a great way of ensuring all players at all levels get the maximum enjoyment out of the club championships. These events are designed to handicap the stronger players to even out matches. On entry each player/partnership will be assigned a handicap. This is an amount of free points the player/partnership can use in each set of their match. These points can be used one at a time or in bunches, at any point in the set except on match point. Volunteers from the committee will be at the club each night organising the matches and will be available if any questions regarding this format arise.

The Rules

  1. Each player / team will be awarded a certain amount of points per Set. (Eg 9points)
  2. These are free points which may be used at any stage (except Match Point.)
  3. These points may used singly or in bundles together.
  4. At the beginning of the match the difference between the points of each player / team is the amount of FREE points awarded per SET.


  • Player A has 9 points. Player B has 6 points. Player A would be given 3 free points to be used in the each Set
  • Team A has 2 points. Team B has 11 points. Team B would have 9 free points to be used at any stage throughout each Set.
  • Score example if 9 free points. Team A is 30 / 15 up and leads 3 / 2 in games. Team B uses 3 free points to take the Game. Score is Now 3 games each. Team B has 6 free points left for that Set.
  • Note: Free points DO NOT transfer into the following Set.
Match Scheduling
  • All matches will be scheduled using tournament software. A mail will be sent to everybody announcing that the schedule for the first round matches is published and available on tournament software. From then on, be sure to check the schedule on tournament software each night to find out when you are playing.
  • Over the 2 weeks, play will start at 6pm on weeknights. Play will run for the full day of Saturday 1st September. As mentioned above, there will be no play on Sunday 2nd September due to league.
  • Players can specify unavailability on the entry form on tournament software. A maximum of one day of unavailability will be allowed. All players are expected to be available for some part of Saturday 1st September to play.
  • The courts will be block booked for all playing times so there is no need for courts to be booked by players for the individual matches.
  • Players must bring their own tennis balls. Balls will be provided by the club for the finals only.
  • Volunteers from the committee will be at the club each night to check players in, take in scores, and to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your start time to check in.
Quiz Night - Friday 7th September
The fun of the finals weekend will start on the Friday night. Dave Kent will be running a quiz at the bar. Expect a few questions on Man Utd no doubt. With the championships set to be at the nervy semi-finals stage, why not come down to see the tennis, and take part in the quiz. 4 people per team but we won't be too strict. This will all be followed by another weekly installment of the "Find The Joker" draw. Who knows how much the jackpot will be up to by that stage!!
The Finals Day - Saturday 8th September
Play on the finals day will begin at 2:30pm. We encourage everybody in the club to come down to support all the players involved. Tea, coffee and cakes will be served during this time for all our hungry spectators. The annual club dinner will be served in the function room after 8pm, followed by the prize giving. This is always a great night in LCC, where the winners get to gloat, and the rest of us think of what might have been and begin to scheme for next year. Tickets for the meal are €15. We will be in contact again closer to the time to get an idea how many people will be going to the dinner.